Fabrication of a Double Wall Manifold for the Commercial Boiler Industry

Double Wall Manifold

Specializing in tube and pipe fabrication for over 50 years, Woodmack Products, Inc's expertise in metal fabrication allows for precision manufacturing for a wide array of applications.

A manufacturer of commercial boilers contracted us to produce a low volume run of this 4" double wall manifold. Because of the extreme conditions that this product would face, it was constructed from schedule 40 pipe and ¼" plate steel. The manifold was manufactured using 3" sch. 40 pipe for the inside wall, with 3.5" sch. 40 pipe for the outside wall. The center tube was made from made from a 1" sch. 40 pipe, with both flanges being formed from ¼" HR plate steel. All components were formed in-house, utilizing plasma cutting and cut off equipment, as well as threading. To ensure that the manifold would seal properly it was welded using a gas tight, MIG welding technique.

At Woodmack we take quality seriously. Everything we manufacture is subject to stringent quality control measures. This product received various dimensional inspections as well as leak testing prior to shipping.

To learn more about this project or how Woodmack can help you with your complex project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights this Double Wall Boiler Manifold

Product Description Double Wall Manifold
Steel Pipe Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Plasma Cutting
Gas Tight Welding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Cut off Machines
Automatic Plasma Cutter
MIG Welder
Expertise Metal Fabrication
Overall Part Dimensions OD: Ø 4"
Length: 9"
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.016", Bracket Holes
Material Used 3-1/2" SCH 40 Pipe
3" SCH 40 Pipe
1" SCH 40 Pipe
1/4" HR steel plate
Industry for Use Commercial Boiler Industry
Volume Low
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name 4" Double Wall Manifold

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